Voguish Lash has the reputation of high quality standards and offers in-depth courses from beginning to advanced lash techniques and knowledge. We emphasize in safety application without damaging the natural lashes. We are confident that you will be well prepared for your lash career with strong lashing skills. 



Beginner Level

Beginners Course is a two-day course for anyone who wants to start your new lashing career and become a successful Lash Artist. This is a fundamentals course where we will focus strongly in lash theory and in the classic lash technique. Lash artists will also be learning introductions to the hybrid and volume technique.

Mastery Mega Volume Course

Advanced level


Mastery Mega Volume Course is a one-day mastery volume course for experienced classic and volume Lash Artists. Must have good isolation skills. We'll focus on creating fluffy American Style volume fans by using .03mm lashes, dark-density, wispy designs, layering, speed-up lashing time, and more. 

Russian Volume Course

Advanced level


Russian Volume Course is a two-day course for beginning or experienced volume Lash Artists who wish to grow or perfect their volume skill set. Classic and good isolation experience is required. We'll deep dive into using .07mm lashes to create perfect volume lash fans, learning about different lash weights, placements, custom styling, and more.