Hello, My name is

Angie Chan

I am the founder of Voguish Lash. Throughout the the first 2 years of lashing, I have experienced lashing skills and business issues myself, because of low standard of lash education and lack of mentorship.

To ignite my lash passion, I decided to spend years of time and money researching, practicing, attending lash courses with top world Lash Educators. As a result, I learned creative lash techniques, tips, and simple methods to keep my knowledge and work to a high-standard.

During years of building a lash brand, lashing clients and being self-employed, I got burnt-out and lost my soul. However, It was a beautiful journey to learn about self-care, balance of lifestyle, and to achieve happiness everyday that lead me to you.

My courses and mentorships are focusing on kindness. Guiding my fellow lash artists to create a successful lash career and/or business within our lash industry to a new level with healthy boss mindset.