Business and brand coaching

Are you excited to build and grow your business, but don't know where to start?

We are here to help you find your niche & build a specific business plan for you.

We will also guide you from A-Z the fundamentals of business such as a making a business brand, pricing, marketing, bookkeeping, social media and future outlook, etc.

1:1 Virtual - 1 hour @ $150

or 3 Month Package @ $600 - Total 6 hour mentoring call



Are you overwhelmed, stressed out And/or lost your soul? Are you frustrated, discouraged with late night texts from clients?

We help business bosses like you work smarter not harder, and have a balanced work/lifestyle where you are not tied to your work 24/7.

We truly believe a successful business is having a balance of work hard and play hard. Our mentor will assist you to find your happiness and achieve your goals and dreams.

1:1 Virtual - 1 hour @$150



Are you struggling with inconsistent retention, fanning, isolation or lack of confidence in your lash work?

We provide feedback on your lashing application to improve your lashing skills. Our Master Lash artists will coach you so you will have better retention, making perfect fans, having a faster isolation time, etc. You're welcome to bring a model for a whole day live session.

1:1 Virtual or In Person

4 hour @ $450/ A Whole Day @ $680

Do you want to build a profitable business with a healthy life balance? Are you beginning you lash journey, but don't know where to start? Do you have any doubts in your lash application? 
Schedule a 15 minute Introduction complimentary Consultation call with our educator today. It could change your perspective.